Stress Free Dog Styling

Stress Free Dog Styling

Stress Free Dog Styling
From per first hour (small dogs)

Suffolk's specialist stress-free specialist provides consent-based grooming, which is force-free and uses minimal restraints.

One to one sessions provide slow introductions for any dog but especially good for nervous dogs, puppies, rescue dogs or those who suffer from seperation anxiety.

If you know your dog may be nervous of leaving you, or anything that may be in the grooming environment please say when booking it just allows me to book out extra time for them.

We train them to sit, stay and go toilet out side so why don't we train them with the grooming? Too many think that they will just get on with it - That really isn't the right way to think about it and Im sure there are things that you don't enjoy doing so either avoid or put off, but dogs cant say that so they have to voice their opinions in other ways, and sometimes if they get stressed out (at the groomers or other places) they could come home and accidentally take it out on someone there.

So think before you say oh, he'll be ok, have you listened to his body language or have you just decided he'll be ok?

All sessions begin with giving them a few minutes to de-compress after the car journey, they can have a wander around the salon, come and see me and get re-acquainted if they have been in before there may be a few treats down if this helps them with the positive association (and you have okayed this /no allergies) .

We always start with a bath - this is more of a shower as they dont stand in any water, i have a shampoo mixed up ready and this is applied directly to their coat and massaged onto their skin making sure they are clean, applying shampoo this way helps keep the bathing time shorter for those not keen of 'bathtime' they will get rinsed and shampoo applied again so they are squeaky clean. For those not liking the shower I have cloths to put over the nozzle to reduce the spray or I can use a jug, every dog is an individual and what works for one doesn't work for others. 

Drying perferably on the table but if they dont like that, we work up to it, either having the table low, allowing them on and off, drying on the floor, using techniques such as the bucket game so they learn positively . Depending how well they cope with this you may have a dry dog, a partially dry dog, or a damp dog.

If we have still got a damp dog it would be advisable to stop the session there rather than to overload them, so another session would be booked.  

Ideally when you are booking it would be advantageous to mention that your dog may need extra help so we can book two appointments close together. (if you don't need the second that is a bonus)

Styling is taken with the same approach, I prefer not to have any restraints on the dog while I am styling them, although a few I have found prefer having their own lead on so maybe this could be an option. If there are areas that need extra work I can give you tips to help at home and between us we can get your dog more comfortable having a groom.

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