Interstellar Puppy Programme

Interstellar Puppy Programme

Interstellar Puppy Programme

Set your pooch up to enjoy the grooming process.

5 Sessions set out to introduce them slowly to the sights smells and equipment required.

Finishing with a full groom at graduation with photo, certificate of completion.

Brushes and other equipment will be provided to help guardians at home as well as homework and guidance. 

Guardians are permitted to stay for the first couple of sessions

Quick Break down of the semester

Week 1 Is the introduction to the Salon and me - needs to be a positive experience as this is where the best foundations are built

Week 2 After the settling in period, we have a brushing session experiencing different brushes/combs as well as exploring other pieces of equipment

Week 3 Bath time starting with feet to see how they do, could even be a full bath with dry. 

Week 4 This will be a full bath and dry with probably a feet & face trim

Week 5 - Graduation - We hopefully have instilled in pup that this is a good place to come to and they are quite happy to have a groom. So bath, dry face and feet trim (can have a light body trim if required) 

Areas Covered

Cambridge, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket and Surrounding Areas

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