Have a Nervous Pup? I Can Help!

Are you struggling to get your dog groomed? 

Does your dog not let you brush them? 

Do they come back from the groomers and take ages to settle down or seem agitated?

Well, contrary to popular belief, not all dogs enjoy being groomed - especially if they are not introduced to it at an early age or in the correct manner. I am here to help you and your dogs enjoy the grooming process as it can be a great bonding time for you and your dog.    

I am a fully qualified groomer having completed my City & Guilds diploma. Now, while having a grooming qualification means that I have been recognised as knowledgeable about grooming different breeds of dogs, my other gained knowledge about body language, bite prevention and behavioural courses as well as Tellington T Touch courses all help me understand the dogs in my care a little better and I can use my knowledge to help them try to relax and overcome any fears they may have of the grooming experience. 

It is especially rewarding when my passion, and compassion comes across and I can help someone that thinks their dog is going to be a nightmare but working on on one in their one home, or in the salon certainly does have advantages, and following my signature system seeing the benefits with the dog and owners.

 So no, your dog is not a lost cause, and yes - I can help you. And while it might not be a quick fix, it will help both of you. And while I offer consent based grooming, dogs with no issues are always welcome to come for their styling needs.

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